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Welcome to the Biofreeze Professional Sample Program

ALERT: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have temporarily suspended the Biofreeze sample program.

The samples will be available once again when we resume normal business after the pandemic has ended.

Thank you for your understanding.

You already know the benefits of Biofreeze Professional. To help you spread the relief…and the word about your practice, we’ve developed a marketing tool with your name on it.

Designed to drive new patients/clients to your practice, our unique sampling program provides customized Biofreeze Professional samples – absolutely free!

Here’s how it works:

  • You can request 100 Biofreeze Professional samples every 2 months for use in your practice
  • Each sample comes with an informational Biofreeze Professional flyer customized with your practice name and phone number
  • Request additional samples if you’re participating in a community event

Ideal for giving to current patients for pain relief between treatments, equally ideal for handing out in the community to attract new patients. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this free marketing tool for your practice.

NOTE: Requests are limited to professionals and practitioners selling Biofreeze! If your request is approved, please allow 12 weeks for delivery of your samples.

To receive your complimentary samples, please complete the information below. Form must be completed in full to receive samples.

Clinic Samples: Request Marketing flyers with biofreeze sample attached to distribute in your clinic


Event Samples: Request Marketing flyers with biofreeze sample attached for special/community events

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